Turkey: Hostels

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Turkey Hostels

Hostels in Turkey

Hostels in Turkey are best suited for students and shoestring budget travelers or backpackers. Located in busy parts of cities and towns, often in close proximity to bus and train stations, hostels in Turkey offer very basic accommodation and are best suited for youngsters or people who are willing to rough it out. The best part of staying in a hostel in Turkey is that you have so many options to choose from and even if you check out 10 hostels that are full, there will be another ten with accommodation available. Nowadays, most hostels are decently equipped with basic amenities and are clean and well looked after. Hostels in Turkey are a also beneficial in getting to know the place and making friends. Shared rooms and dormitory style accommodation are offered in the hostels in Turkey. Bed spaces in dormitories come for dirt cheap prices, with a night’s stay costing just about YTL15 to 25 ($9.50 to 16).

Pensions in Turkey

Pensions are inexpensive hotels or budget accommodation, and the most common form of accommodation for tourists in Turkey. A room in a pension accommodation in Turkey costs YTL20 to 45 ($12 to 28), depending on the location and season of booking.