Tuscany: Food Guide - Dining Out

Sun, dolce vita and picturesque towns...

Tuscany Food Guide - Dining Out

Finding great food and wine in Tuscany is not at all difficult. Tuscany food originates from peasant cookery. The Tuscans are well known for their fabulous yet simple dishes made from the freshest available products. Tuscany offers its guests a variety of culinary delights, from pecorino cheese to wild boar of the countryside and world-famous red wines. Each region has its own specialties. The seasons bring new tastes, based on the fresh produce. Tuscany always has many villages nearby with an array of restaurants to choose from.

A ristoranti is a more elegant and refined sit-down eatery, while a trattoria is a less formal establishments. A Tuscan trattoria may not have white linen tablecloths, but the home cooked Tuscan food is absolutely delicious. Generally Italians do not eat before 8 p.m. A typical Italian meal in Tuscany has many courses, starting off with an antipasto, and then a primo, which is often a pasta or risotto.

Save some space for a secondo of meat or fish, accompanied by vegetables or potatoes. Round your meal off with a dolce and a digestivo of grappa or any liqueur. Lastly you may have a caffe after your meal. A small cover charge of 1-2 Euro’s is charged for service and bread, tipping however is not common practice, and generally rounding up your bill would be an acceptable tip.