Tuscany: Useful Information

Sun, dolce vita and picturesque towns...

Tuscany Useful Information

• Driving in the historical center of most Tuscan towns is either banned or restricted and finding a legal parking spot can be impossible. It is best to park in a designated area or park away from the city centre.
Road rules and traffic lights are generally respected, but many drivers will drive very close to you and many double park.
• Never leave anything valuable in your parked vehicle this could invite thieves.
• Tipping taxi drivers is also not mandatory. When staying in a higher priced accommodation, you should tip the porter.
• Most places of business open at 9:00am and close at 1:00pm for 3 to 4 hours before reopening.
• In most cafes located within small shops, you must pay for items first, and then bring the ticket to obtain what you purchased.
• You must have purchase receipt within 20 meters of purchase. Be sure to hold onto all receipts for goods or services you purchase in Italy until leaving the city in which they were bought.
• Laws have been introduced to tighten controls on the payment of taxes and the Fiscal Police can ask you to produce a receipt immediately after leaving a shop, and can require you to pay a fine if you don’t have it. Whenever you buy an item in Italy, you will pay value-added tax, known as IVA in Italy. Tourists who are residents of countries outside the EC are able to claim a refund on this tax if the item was purchased for personal use and cost more than a certain amount.