Vancouver: Couples Holiday

A multicultural metropolis with snowcapped crags, city-hugging beaches and waterfront forests

Vancouver Couples Holiday

Vancouver is a great place for couples to go for some time together. After all, with a backdrop of mountains, ocean views and long sea walks it’s a rather romantic place to visit. It’s not just about the romance, however. Vancouver has such a wide variety of things to do it’s a great place to go to try something new together, whether it’s skiing, rollerblading or relaxing on the beach. There’s also no shortage of lovely romantic hotels, from the large Four Seasons hotel on Georgia Street to the intimate O’Canada luxury Bed and Breakfast just off Robson Street.

At the other end of the scale, most hostels will also accommodate couples, either in private rooms or mixed dorms. Vancouver is also known for its dining, and romantic restaurants for loved up couples are not difficult to find. For perfect couples holiday atmosphere, try the exotic Villa del Lupo on Hamilton Street (which also has the reputation for being a great place to propose, by the way), or Chambar Belgian Restaurant on Beatty Street.