Vancouver: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

A multicultural metropolis with snowcapped crags, city-hugging beaches and waterfront forests

Vancouver Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

As Vancouver is surrounded by water, you may not be surprised to learn that the Vancouver area is home to some of the most spectacular dive sites in North America – perfect for a scuba diving holiday. Scuba divers visiting Vancouver can look forward to exceptionally clear waters populated by abundant marine life including plumose anemones, wolf eels, giant Pacific Ocean octopi, urchins and starfish. In addition to the creatures of the deep a scuba diving holiday in Vancouver offers exciting dive sites, as many ships and vessels have been scuttled to create amazing artificial reefs, and steep drop-offs provide the perfect environment to explore underwater walls. Average underwater dive temperatures are 8-12°C (46.4-53.6°F) in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

There are a number of dive shops and scuba diving schools in Vancouver itself such as the International Diving Centre on Arbutus Street. Most teach diving as well as running trips to the most popular dive sites including out of town favourites such as Vancouver Island (across the Georgia Strait), Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast, all offering scuba holidaymakers a diversity of unique diving opportunities.