Vancouver: Cycling - Mountain Biking

A multicultural metropolis with snowcapped crags, city-hugging beaches and waterfront forests

Vancouver Cycling - Mountain Biking

Cycling in Vancouver is a great way to get to grips with the city, not least because the enormous Stanley Park is well worth exploring and is ideal for biking. The climate is moderate in Vancouver, making it pleasant to cycle almost all year round (although note well that Vancouver is famous for its rain, so winter might not be the season of choice for the cyclist). Vancouver is cyclist-friendly, having created may bike paths and a network of routes. These are identified by green bicycle route signs placed at intervals. Roads are usually stencilled with identifiers as well. Outside of the city centre there are many trails and cycle pathways along the coast and in the Coast Mountains to explore with mountain bikes.

Hiring a bike is easy in Vancouver; there are a number of shops offering bike and rollerblade hire, such as Spokes Bicycle Rental in Stanley Park. To rent a bike you normally need a form of I.D. and a credit card or a cash deposit. Rental costs for bikes usually range from about $8 (4.80 euros) an hour $40 (24 euros) for a day.