Vancouver: Costs

A multicultural metropolis with snowcapped crags, city-hugging beaches and waterfront forests

Vancouver Costs

Even with the economic downturn, the Canadian dollar is relatively weak against the pound, making daily costs generally lower for the UK traveller. However, by North American standards Vancouver is an expensive city to live in, second only to Toronto. In 2008 is was ranked 64th most expensive city out of 144 major cities worldwide (London was number 3). Music and clothing remain cheaper than in the UK.

Some typical Vancouver costs:

Bed and Breakfast: $90 and up (54 euros upwards)
Hotels: $100 and up (60 euros and up)
Pint of beer: $5 (3 euros)
Glass of Wine: $6 (3.60 euros)
Can of Coke $1 (60 euros)
Cup of coffee $2 (1.2 euros)
Breakfast $5 (3 euros)
Lunch $12 (7.2 euros)
Dinner $20 (12 euros)
Cigarettes pack of 20: $8 (4.80 euros)
Taxi from airport to Downtown: $23-26 (13-16 Euros).
Public Transport $2.50 to $5 per journey (1.60 euros to 3 euros)
Cycle Hire from $8 (4.80 euros) an hour $40 (24 euros) a day