Vancouver: Hostels

A multicultural metropolis with snowcapped crags, city-hugging beaches and waterfront forests

Vancouver Hostels

Vancouver boasts several good hostels, including three Hostelling International hostels with locations in Jericho Beach, Downtown and central Vancouver. You’ll have to pay to become a member (or pay a surcharge per night) if you aren’t one already, but this is about $4 per night (2.5 euros) but for around $30 ( 18 euros) a night it’s a good, reliable option.

Other options include the SameSun hostel, part of a small chain of hostels. It’s central and the area is reasonably secure. Likewise the two Cambie hostels (one on Cambie St Gastown, the other based more centrally on Seymour St) are generally well thought of. The Gastown Cambie hostel is in a slightly more sketchy area than the SameSun, so if you’re nervous, find somewhere more central. Prices for these and other independent hostels range from $25 (15 euros) for a dorm in lowe season. Many have their own cheap restaurants and bars and all are located near places to eat and drink. Almost all of the hostels have their own webstie and can be booked in advance online or over the phone. Do be careful though, as a lot of budget accommodation in Vancouver is not in the nicest areas. If you feel nervous in an area then don’t stay there.

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