Venezuela: Backpacking

South America's Hidden Gem

Caracas does not cater to backpackers, although then rest of Venezuela offers great backpacking holidays. There are no hostels in Caracas to speak of. Cheaper hotels in Caracas may offer little in the way of comfort and may be in doggy areas after dark. Backpackers in Venezuela may want to skip the high prices and crime in Caracas and head elsewhere such as Isla Margarita and Los Roques, or visit one of its beautiful national parks such as Parque Nacional Canaima, Parque Nacional Henri Pittier or Mérida in the Andes. Both the island resorts and the numerous national parks will make for an unforgettable backpacking holiday in Venezuela. Look for a guesthouse (posadas) for affordable accommodation while on a backpacking holiday in Venezuela. Of course, while backpacking in Venezuela you may want to spend some time in the capital city to explore its sites and museums but a stay here will be pricey.