Venezuela: Beach

South America's Hidden Gem

The road between the El Litoral Central beach (best nearby beach) and Caracas takes 45 minutes along an over-crowded, dangerous road. Although it looks close to the coast, Caracas does not make a good beach holiday. However, there are several places to have a magnificent beach holiday in Venezuela. The best places for a vacation on a beach in Venezuela will be one of the offshore islands - Isla Margarita or Los Roques. To get to these you will fly into Caracas International Airport where you’ll transfer to a domestic flight to the tropical island of your choice. The crystal-clear blue waters of numerous offshore islands make for excellent snorkelling and diving. The Caribbean coastline east and west of El Litoral offers numerous undiscovered and undeveloped beaches for the more intrepid travellers looking for an undeveloped beach holiday in Venezuela. With its white sandy beaches and reputations for being a friendly welcoming nation, Venezuela is an excellent choice for a beach holiday.