Venezuela: Corporate Weekend

South America's Hidden Gem

Due to Venezuela’s oil-wealth, Caracas has become a major economic centre in Latin America, and it is certainly Venezuela’s business and commercial hub. This wealth is evident in the modern skyscrapers that crowd the city’s financial district. Many of the hotels in the EL Rosal area (Caracas’ business and financial district) also have conference facilities were you can hold your corporate meetings. Many leading oil, finance and corporate businesses have offices in the city, so for business related to these industries a corporate weekend holiday in Caracas may be a good choice. Caracas also hosts a wide selection of fine restaurants, particularly in the neighbourhoods of Las Mercedes, La Castellana, Altamira and Los Palos Grandes – yet another reason to have a corporate weekend in Caracas. If you want a more relaxed corporate get away in Venezuela when you may want to consider the popular Isla Margarita, where many of the larger hotels also have conference facilities.