Venezuela: Culture and Arts

South America's Hidden Gem

The city is generally held to be one of the most culturally rich cities in Latin America, making Caracas a good choice for an art and cultural holiday in Latin America. Caracas lays claim to several well regarded art museums and numerous art galleries, as well as some impressive historic colonial buildings. With museums, cinemas and the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, Parque Central is Caracas' art and culture hub. The complex also boasts the Caracas Athenaeum, home to the Rajatabla Theatre Company. For a spectacular 360° bird’s eye view of Caracas try the Mirador de la Torre Oeste on the 52nd floor of the complex. A visit to Parque Central is a must for visitor interested in an art and cultural holiday in Caracas. Theater-lovers may be interested in attending the Caracas’ International Theatre Festival which attracts acting companies from around the world. Caracas is a good idea if you are looking for a holiday rich in art and culture in Latin America. Caracas is the cultural heart of Venezuela, however if you are interested in history and colonial South America then you may want to go to Coro in northern Venezuela. With its uniquely Caribbean constructions, Coro is the only surviving example of a mix of local traditions with Spanish and Dutch architectural techniques. One of the first colonial towns in Venezuela (founded in 1527) Coro has more than 600 historic buildings, making it an ideal destination for historic cultural holidays in Venezuela. Coro was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993.