Venezuela: Family Holiday

South America's Hidden Gem

Venezuela’s capitol city is a busy and heavily populated city, and you may find that your children are not that impressed with Caracas as a family holiday destination. Besides visiting the beautiful and nearby Avila National Park there is little to occupy children on holiday in Caracas - especially if they are too young to enjoy the historic monuments and art museums. A much more enjoyable family holiday in Venezuela can be had at one of the country’s offshore islands - Isla Margarita and Los Roques - where the children can enjoy the beach and the water. If your family enjoys active outdoor pursuits then you may want to have a family holiday in Venezuela in one of the beautiful national parks such as Parque Nacional Canaima, Parque Nacional Henri Pittier or Mérida in the Andes. In Parque Nacional Canaima you’ll find Angle Falls (world’s largest waterfall) and several other smaller waterfalls – an extraordinary family trip in Venezuela. For an unforgettable family holiday, Venezuela may be a great choice.