Venezuela: Golf Activity Holiday

South America's Hidden Gem

There are three private golf courses in Caracas, which are patronized by affluent Caraqueños, as well as diplomats and Americans here on business. There are no public golf courses in Caracas. If you want to play golf while on holiday in Caracas you will need to ask your hotel (ideally a five-star one) to make arrangements for you at one of the private club. To play at one of the private golf clubs in Caracas you will need to be a handicapped golfer with a membership card from your home club or golf association. Prices for a round of golf at a private club in Caracas are high and you may only be able to play at off peak hours. Unfortunately, a golfing holiday in Caracas may be difficult to organise unless you have family or friends that are members of one of the clubs here. If you really want a golfing holiday in Venezuela, why not checkout the hotel resorts on Isla Margarita where you will find five star luxury hotels with their own golf courses – a great way to enjoy a beach and golfing holiday in Venezuela.