Venezuela: Hen Destination

South America's Hidden Gem

The nightlife in Caracas has a reputation for exuberance – you can easily dance the night away in one of the numerous nightclubs here. So, a hen party in Caracas would certainly be novel. However, it is also the most expensive city in Latin America and the high cost of hotel accommodation may make a bachelorette party in Caracas too expensive for some friends and family. The high level of crime may make Caracas less than ideal for a hen party. Another option for a hen night in Venezuela would be at one of the off shore islands, either Isla Margarita or Los Roques. Isla Margarita in particular is known for its nightlife. A hen party on one of these tropical Venezuelan islands will offer you the chance to enjoy the liveliness of this Latin American country along with some sunshine and sand. While Caracas may not offer much is the way of a bachelorette party, going to one of offshore islands will make for an extravagant, yet enjoyable hen party holiday in Venezuela.