Venezuela: Party Holiday - Singles Life

South America's Hidden Gem

Although the nightlife can be exuberant, Caracas doesn’t have a reputation as an ideal party or singles holiday destination. Perhaps the high cost of living here detours from Caracas establishing itself as a good partying location. Most visitors to Caracas are businessmen who are here because of the Venezuela’s oil-boom and Caracas’ commercial dominance in South America. If you are looking for a party or singles life holiday in Venezuela you will have a better time in one of the coastal resorts, rather than the capitol city. Isla Margarita in particular is known for its nightlife. Single holidays on a tropical Venezuelan island will offer you the chance to enjoy the exuberance of this Latin American country along with all manners of water-based activities and, of course, beautiful beaches. If you are after outdoor pursuits in Venezuela as a single holidaymaker then you may want to join a tour to Canaima in southern Venezuela to experience Venezuela’s tropical rainforest and see the world’s largest waterfall – Angle Falls or to hike in the Andes near Mérida in eastern Venezuela. Either location may be a good choice for a single traveller who wants to enjoy Venezuela’s great outdoor.