Venezuela: Safari Activity Holiday

South America's Hidden Gem

While you won’t see elephants and giraffes in South America, a safari holiday in Venezuela in its Gran Sabana (Great Plains) will give you the chance to see some of this continent’s most amazing creatures and in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Known as El Dorado ('the golden land') the area is a highland savannah which covers some of the most spectacular and untouched wilderness in the world. Gran Sabana is criss-crossed by rivers, rapids and waterfalls, covered by dense jungles in the lower regions which give way to dry highland plains, dotted with steep-walled mesas known locally as tepuis. The area is home to jaguar, tapir and rare tropical birds. Gran Sabana is part of the Canaima National Park, the largest national park in Venezuela (and the sixth largest in the world), and near to Angel Falls - the highest waterfall in the world. Another great destination for a safari-like holiday in Venezuela is the plains just south and east of the Andes, known as Los Llanos. In the rainy season the plains are flooded. But in the dry season the area is home to a wide variety of birds and other animal which congregate in dense herds and mixed flocks around the ponds and creeks that are left behind. The quantity and variety of wildlife in Los Llanos is truly extraordinary with anaconda, caiman, capybara, deer and even wildcats are commonly sighted. This is one of the top spots on the planet for bird-watching making it ideal for a wildlife safari in Venezuela.