Venezuela: Shopping Holiday

South America's Hidden Gem

Wealthy native Caraqueños are style-conscious, and the best shopping is to be had in the capitol. With several modern shopping centres in the city, shoppers are spoiled for choice in Caracas. Popular malls include Centro Comercial Sambil (thought to be the largest mall in South America), Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco, Autopista Francisco Fajardo, Calle La Estancia as well as Centro Lido. While on a shopping holiday in Caracas you can look for gold jewellery and leather shoes, handbags and luggage. As well as stylish shops you’ll also find restaurants and nightclubs – even spas – in the malls in Caracas. However, don’t expect to find many bargains while on a shopping holiday in Caracas, high inflation and import taxes means that prices are high here. A great place in to shop for native art and crafts while on holiday in Caracas is the restored colonial village of El Hatillo. Elsewhere in Venezuela the Isla Margarita has duty free status making it a Mecca for shoppers and holidaymakers alike. Venezuelans are big fans of the shopping mall and you will find these all over the country. Generally shops are open Monday-Saturday 9 or 10 am to 7 pm, though some may close for lunch. Malls often remain open later and are open on Sunday.