Venezuela: Stag Destination

South America's Hidden Gem

There are numerous nightclubs in Caracas where you car dance until the wee hours of the morning. So, a stag party in Caracas would certainly be an unusable destination. However, Caracas is the most expensive city in Latin America and violent crime is a problem. You may find that the high cost of hotels will make a stag party in Caracas prohibitively expensive for some friends and family. Another option for a stag party in Venezuela would be at one of the off shore islands, either Isla Margarita or Los Roques. Isla Margarita in particular is known for its nightlife. A stag ‘do’ on one of these tropical Venezuelan islands will offer you the chance to enjoy the exuberance of this Latin American country along with all manners of water-based activities and, of course, beautiful beaches. While Caracas may not be an ideal destination for a bachelor party, going to one of offshore islands will make for an amazing, if expensive, stag party in Venezuela.