Venezuela: Touring - Driving holiday

South America's Hidden Gem

The heavy chaotic traffic in Caracas means that the city does not lend itself to touring holidays. If you are planning a driving holiday in Venezuela and plan to spend some time in the capitol you should park your hire car at the hotel and use the metro to get around. All of the main sites of Caracas can easily be reached by the metro. At night you can use a taxi to get around, which gives you the advantage of being able to have a drink or two. The roads here are too frenzied to make for an enjoyable driving holiday in Caracas.

However, if you want to explore by car on a driving tour of Venezuela the country does have an extensive road system, though they may have potholes and the odd farm animal wandering on it. One route you could take on a driving tour of Venezuela is to follow the coast to Cumaná then south on to Ciudad Guyana and finally westward to Ciudad Bolívar in the Venezuela plains. Driving in Venezuela is a bit of a trial but if you are up for a challenge then you may want to do a touring holiday in Venezuela.