Venezuela: Hiking - Walking

South America's Hidden Gem

Hiking in Caracas and Venezuela

There is no hiking in Caracas per se, although the nearby El Avila National Park is a great place for outdoor activities and hiking near Caracas. A trek up Avila Mountain (in the El Avila National Park) will give you a good work out and offers some great view of the city. There are dozens of trails through the El Avila National Park. The park and its trails can get crowded on weekends, so you may want to visit the park mid-week if you want to hike while in Caracas. The beautiful and lush of vegetation of this well preserved park make El Avila a must see sight of Caracas and a great place for hiking.

Keen hikers may want to try trekking at some of Venezuela’s other national parks for a chance to hike in Venezuela. From tropical rainforests in the Canaima National Park to high Andes Mountains and along the Caribbean coast, the option for hiking in Venezuela are numerous and varied.

Bird-watching in Venezuela

Venezuela is ideal location for bird-watching enthusiasts. Two of the best places for bird-watching near Caracas are Parque del Este and the Avila National Park. Further afield, the coast is another great location for bird-watching in Venezuela - especially the towns of Cata or Choroní. These are a three hour drive away from Caracas, so you may want to stay nearby for a couple of days. For more information on bird watching around Caracas contact the Sociedad Conservacionista Audubon de Venezuela (the Venezuelan Audubon Society). The bird-watching opportunities elsewhere in Venezuela are truly exceptional. The Gran Sabana and Canaima National Park offers fantastic bird-watching in Venezuela where you will find rare tropical birds. However, the very best birding-watching in Venezuela can be founds in Los Llanos on the great plains.