Venezuela: Sightseeing

South America's Hidden Gem

The main sites to see in Venezuela include Canaima National Park (and Angle Falls) , the colonial town of Coro, the beautiful islands of Isla Margarita and Los Roques, and well as Mérida in the Andes and Los Llanos, the plains east of the Andes. Venezuela is an amazing country of dense tropical jungles, beautiful beaches, high mountain peaks and vast open plains, and despite the crime rate in its capital city, it would be a shame to say nothing of the rich history and cultural opportunities of Caracas.

There are several sights in Caracas that are worth a visit. From the La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar and Iglesia de San Francisco to the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Sofía Imber (Modern Art Museum) and Galeria de Arte de National and Museo de Bella Artes, there are plenty of possibilities for sightseeing in Caracas to keep you busy for a few days. While in Caracas you may also want to take in the sights from atop Mt Avila courtesy of the cable car (Teleférico). One advantage to sightseeing in Caracas is that many of the most popular sights are fairly close to each other and can be easily reached on the metro. There are copious sightseeing options in Venezuela and Caracas.