Venezuela: Crime

South America's Hidden Gem

Violent crime is a serious problem in Venezuela. Caracas has the highest homicide rate per capita in the world. Kidnappings, assaults and robberies occur throughout Venezuela and in the capital Caracas. Armed robberies can happen in broad daylight anywhere in Caracas, including areas generally presumed safe and frequented by tourists. The city can be dangerous at night and many places are no-go areas after nightfall. Use the metro or official taxis during the day and ONLY official taxis at night in Caracas. Generally speaking you should dress so that you do not stand out as a tourist (for example wear jeans not shorts) in the capital. Do not wear valuable jewellery and watches, nor should you display cameras around your neck. Pickpockets are common so keep your money in different places on you person and don’t carry too much at once. Police have been known to hassle tourists (and extort money if they do not have their passport/visa) so keep a copy of yours on you while in Venezuela. In the centre of Caracas do not venture on side roads or east of Avenida Baralt, south of Avenida Universidad or north of Avenida Urdaneta. Outside the capital (and other urban areas) as well as the border with Columbia, violent crime is less of an issue. However, use common sense and keep valuables out of sight.

For more information on safety and crime in Venezuela check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices’, the American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Governments’ travel advice.