Venezuela: Bed and Breakfast

South America's Hidden Gem

Bed and Breakfast in Caracas and Venezuela

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is generally not available in the capital Caracas. Here the hotel is the main type of accommodation available. However, you will find guesthouse accommodation in Venezuela in the more popular tourist areas such as Isla Margarita. These are known locally as posadas and are the best low cost option. Posadas usually offer breakfast and may provide dinner if requested. Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Venezuela (or posadas) can vary enormously in price and quality and are only in popular tourist location. You will find guesthouse in Venezuela in areas such as the off-shore islands, in Merida in the Andes, as well as in Canaima in southern Venezuela. You can expect to pay around $50 per night for a double room in a bed and breakfast in Venezuela (posada) on the Isla Margarita. For more information on staying in a guesthouse in Venezuela, view our list of pre-selected Venezuela accommodation links – updated hourly, to provide you – the traveller – with the latest deals and best accommodation options in Venezuela.