Venezuela: Lodges

South America's Hidden Gem

Lodges in Caracas and Venezuela

There are no lodges in Caracas; however you’ll find lodges in and around many of the popular national parks in Venezuela, such as Henri Pittier National Park, Los Roques National Park and Caniama National Park. Staying at a lodge in one of these national parks will make for an unforgettable holiday in Venezuela. Whether you are enjoying the beautiful Venezuela coast, diving on off-shore islands or exploring the tropical jungle a lodge at one of these Venezuelan national parks is a great way to see the amazing wildlife of Venezuela. Staying at a lodge is not necessarily a low cost option. Prices for a one night stay in a lodge in Venezuela for a double room range from around $230 per person with a child costing around $120 near Angle Falls and the Caniama National Park. For ideas on resorts in Venezuela view our list of links to holiday homes and lodges in Venezuela.