Venice: Corporate Weekend

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Corporate Weekend

Thinking of organising a corporate weekend abroad and want something different, unusual and completely out from the norm? Venice has plenty on offer for those looking for fun corporate weekend. It is also ideal for larger groups as it is only a couple of hours flight, so perfect for cheaper tickets and short weekend stays.

For daylight hours on your corporate holiday in Venice, why not plan something adventurous for the team? How about extreme biking? Hire an experienced guide who can take you off mountain biking around the hills of Venice and bring you back safe, if exhausted but exhilarated. If your group prefers to stay on two feet - try rock climbing followed by something a little more laid back and relaxing: a guided water tour of this beautiful city on gondolas. Or how about a treasure hunt: clueless fun and excellent for team building - like “The Crystal Maze” but without being locked up!

There are plenty of options to book a couple of hours in an awe-inspiring castle in or around Venice. You could follow this up with a themed medieval dinner – dress the part, look the part, feel the part – a fantastic evening which will provide the team the perfect opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Or how about Wine Tasting for those after dark hours? Venice has to be on the top of the list when it comes to destinations for Wine Tasting. Those Italians know a thing or two about wine so why not let them teach you whilst you taste what’s on offer?