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Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Cruises

Venice is one of the most popular cruise ports in Southern Europe, handling more than 500 ship departures and 700,000 cruise passengers per year. The city is located within the Venetian Lagoon, which has a port entrance that leads to the Adriatic Sea. Its cruise-ship piers are within walking distance of the historic centre, and Venice's Marco Polo Airport is only about 6 km or 4 miles away. Cruises that visit or depart from Venice primarily sail the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean, and sometimes to the Black Sea and Northern Europe. Venice can also serve as a departure port for trans-Atlantic repositioning cruises.You can get a luxury cruise into Venice and other places as well. Cruising is a luxury type of holidays where you get to visit different destinations and at the same time have a relaxing holiday in the sea. It is definitely the right place for a luxury holiday in the luxury resort. Venice is simply the dream holiday destination for the rich and famous.