Venice: Cycling Activity Holiday

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Cycling Activity Holiday

Venice, being a very crowded city arrayed across a multitude of islands, does not allow bicycles or any other wheeled conveyance in its streets. But you can plan a cycling trip in nearby areas. Riding from the Dolomites to Venice is an extraordinary trip in many ways: First of all, whether the sites are natural, such as the mountains around Bolzano and Lake Garda, or man-made, such as Verona, Vicenza, Padua, or Venice, they are truly exceptional. Secondly, these places can’t truly be explored by car or by bus, biking is by far the best way to ride through these treasures. And finally, the fact that the bike network and infrastructure are such that cycling between these cities in this high-density region is surprisingly easy and is mostly done on traffic-free bikeways. There are 3 bike rental companies to choose from. You can rent individual bikes, tandem bikes, children’s bikes and even trolley bikes for up to 6 people. Since many years the Veneto region has been a valuable cycling heritage with many traditions. The Lido is the only island that allows cars and motorbikes on its roads, so it is ideal for bikers, who can rent bicycles near the main water-bus station coming from central Venice.