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Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Party Holiday - Singles Life

If you want to party even when on a tight budget, the real party atmosphere is found in Campo Santa Margherita or in Erbaria (West side of the Rialto Bridge), where cheap bars and nightclubs are plenty. You might also want to visit one of the world’s most famous restaurants, Harry’s Bar, but it could be a little expensive. But Venice is certainly not the best place to look for wild nights or a loud party scene. Sure this is not a clubbing city, and there isn't much street life after dinner. They are elegant, stylish places where young and hip, and older and sophisticated crowds choose to head to for a night of drinks and chilling out. Theatres, cinemas, pubs, and bars offer pleasure and diversion from dusk till dawn. Some of the greater discos are located outside around Mestre or Jesolo but even in the heart of Venice you will find small and cosy pubs or clubs.Some of the greater discos are located outside around Mestre. Pay attention to the fact that some of the discos have limited opening hours (mostly Wed & Sat, special summer opening hours).