Venice: Well-being and Spa

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Well-being and Spa

The Italian spa experience includes fabulous beauty treatments, luxuriating massages, and relaxing leisure activities. The hotels in Venice do offer spa retreats. Nearly all the thermo spas in Veneto are cantered on the region to the south west of Padua (Padova). There are a few others of note to be found near Verona and on the extreme eastern edge of Veneto heading towards Trieste. If you want to see a bit of Venice but not lodge in the city itself, you can find some much cheaper and arguably more relaxing locations in the nearby countryside. For example, you can enjoy invigorating, therapeutic spas and mud baths in ancient towns such as Arqua Petrarca and Abano Terme within the Euganean Hills national park. There are often feasts and festivals within the 15 towns and villages inside the park.