Venice: Cycling - Mountain Biking

Queen of the Adriatic

A perfect to start discovering the surrounding regions of Venice is by cycling. Unfortunately, bicycles are not permitted within the city centre. A cycling tour through the beautiful Veneto region with its historic towns, lagoons and of course the stunning city of Venice can be thrilling. Venice needs no introduction as one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world, but the hinterland of Venice, the Veneto, holds an immense amount of interest, and its gentle landscapes are easy to explore by bike. Cycling through the soft hills of Monti Berici and the green river banks of Adige, you can discover many sides of Italy, passing ancient churches, farming communities and vineyards, travelling to many places that are virtually inaccessible to vehicles. There's stunning sea views, and beaches and lagoons for swimming. The cities are true delights, and a bike is the ideal way to explore their narrow streets.