Venice: Fishing

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Fishing

Veneto (the Venice area) can provide breaks for those who wish to chance their arm, from the novice to the more professional fisher offering several rivers lakes and parks for fishing. Chioggia is an unpretentious fishing town at the southern end of the Venetian lagoon. Like Venice it is built around canals and boats, but otherwise it is very different and makes an interesting excursion from Venice. Chioggia is in the Veneto region of Italy, a medium-sized fishing port just inside the Venetian lagoon with easy access to the Adriatic. It can be reached by public transport from Venice and makes an unusual day-trip destination. You can try sea fishing from Chioggia which is also renowned for its s choice of fish restaurants. The venetians really know a thing are two about fish and fishing, if you like fishing and want to include getting to know a real part of the Italian life/culture here in the Veneto then this break is for you.