Venice: Food and Drink

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Food and Drink

Dining in Venice can present some obstacles if you're travelling with children. Fish, the notorious non-favourite with kids dominates Venetian menus. Venice is notorious for being an expensive place to visit, and food and drink will probably be among your principal expenses. If you don't know where to eat, or what to pay, the chances are that you'll be ripped off. Venetian food is dominated by four elements: polenta, rice, beans and salt cod that are combined together to form a large variety of interesting dishes. Drinking water is perfectly safe, as well as free, so fill up your water bottle from them. If you sit at the outdoor tables of a cafe, there is almost invariably waiter service, and you will pay a slightly higher price than if you choose to drink on your feet at the bar. In a cheap bar you can get a glass of good wine for €2. If you eat in the vicinity of San Maro, or around the Rialto, the prices tend to be much higher; the magnificence of the setting goes some way towards compensating for the cost.