Venice: Spectator Sports

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Spectator Sports

Venice's most distinctive spectator sports, fittingly enough, take place on the water. If its spectator sports that you are looking for, you’ll find Venice offers any number of traditional regattas in which either rowing boats or gondolas take to the city’s waterways. The Regatta Storica, held in September, is a highlight of the year and features a pageant with historic boats manned by crew wearing traditional Renaissance costume. The Grand Canal is used for races and the gondolier event is considered the most competitive the city conducts annual rowing races that are a combination of athletic contests and centuries-old traditions. If boats and water isn’t your bag and you prefer football then Venice, like the rest of the country, is passionate about the game. Home games are held at the Pierluigi Penzo stadium on the east side of the city and tickets can be purchased from the San Marco and Cannaregio branches of Banca Antoniana Popolare Veneta.