Venice: Water Skiing

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice is a region spread as a coral island with dazzling white beaches and crystal clear blue waters surrounded by lagoons. The beaches in Venice are best-equipped in Italy which offers a wide choice of sports, games, organized tournaments and entertainment including water-skiing, wind-surfing, beach-volleyball, and beach-soccer. Water skiing facilities available from June to mid-September at the hotels near the beach and charges may apply for beach and water sport activities.

While residents of Venice have been coping with one of the worst floods in the lagoon city for more than 20 years, keen water sports enthusiast took advantage of the adverse conditions to try wakeboarding through the city's famous St Mark's Square last year. Football has to be the most popular sport in Venice, but kayaking, canoeing and rowing come as very close seconds. Quite understandably, in a city that has some 150 canals instead of streets, boating and regattas are among the favourite pastimes for locals and visitors alike.