Venice: Useful Information

Queen of the Adriatic

Venice Useful Information

- The best way to get around Venice is on foot. It is not a large city, and it is quite possible to walk from one end to the other in an hour. Wear your walking shoes! You’ll need them.
- Shoppers will find many designer outlets, boutiques and great street markets. Some unique souvenirs to be found in Venice include hand blown glass, Carnivale masks and decorator fabrics.
- To visit Venice if you are in a wheelchair is quite difficult, because streets are very narrow and crowed. All five-star hotels provide all necessary services including elevators; some economic hotels do not have all necessary services, so it will be a good idea if you ask for information before you make a reservation.
- Visit Venice in April, May or September, being the best months concerning the climate.
- If you are planning to organize your wedding in Venice, luxury boats will be the ideal means to take you and your guests to your ceremony venue (one of the churches in Venice or the Town Hall's Palazzo Cavalli where civil weddings are performed).
- Venice has an excellent public transportation system, but non-residents fares are high: 3, 50€ for an adult riding on most waterbuses or auto buses, or 5, 00€ to ride the vaporetto on the Grand Canal. If you plan to use public transportation often, you might consider to get the Venice Card, which comes in two colours, Blue and Orange, each available for 1, 3, or 7 days.
- If you are planning on visiting some of the treasuries contained in the Churches of Venice, make sure you will dress appropriately. They are considered places of worship, so beachwear; shorts and sleeveless clothes are not allowed.
- Generally pictures, with or without flash, and videos are not allowed inside museums or Churches, as all works of art are copyrighted.
- All the mayor Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are widely accepted in shops, hotels, restaurants.
- Because of the maze-like structure of the city, it is possible that you would easily get lost.
- Watch out for pickpockets!
- Visitors to Italian cities such as Florence and Venice will be taxed up to five Euros each a day from 2007, the levy probably being an accommodation tariff, to help the local municipalities maintain tourist structures and services.
- Venice is meant to be explored on foot. The first thing you need is a good map but even with that you're likely to get lost. If you plan to travel much by vaporetto (water bus), you can buy passes at the ticket office. The number 1 vaporetto along the Grand Canal is a good way to see Venice from the water and is especially nice at night. Avoid gondola rides and water taxis.
- Venice's lagoon is infamous for its dreaded mosquitoes, zanzare. If you're prone to bites and visiting in summer take some insect repellent or a repelling device with you, or buy them in a local supermarket.
- Exploring the town of Venice isn't a 100 meters race; you need at least a couple of days to see all the major sights only. The summer heat might cause you a lot of problems, especially if you're not used on it, walk slowly and take a rest from time to time. The most important thing is, DRINK A LOT OF WATER, in order to prevent the sun-stroke.
- When going to Venice for the first time please be sure to have all the information of the hotel that you can get. Write down the exact location, phone numbers, website and e-mail. Venice doesn’t have any street names so it’s very hard to find it!
- If you have young children, consider bringing a backpack type device for carrying them, as strollers are a bad idea. There are so many bridges with steps that you will soon be tired of having to lift the stroller EVERY time you come up to one.