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The best way to save money when you travel is to skip the fancy hotels and stay in a hostel in Venice. There are actually a few Venice hostels located on the island, and even though they aren’t ultra cheap, they are good bargains in this touristy city. Staying at a hostel in Venice on the islands is a great way to actually see the charm of this special location without being trampled by tour bus passengers. Wandering the tiny, car-free streets early in the morning or late in the evening can be a magical experience. The area where the Venice hostels are located on the mainland does have some good bars and late night eating spots, so if that is important you might be better off there. Beds in their 8-bunk dorms start around €40, and they also have rooms with 4 beds as well as private twin rooms starting around €60 per person. These are great prices for this location so if you are only staying for a night or two it might be worth it. Ostello Venezia, or Venice Hostel, offers cheap accommodations in a waterfront location that's easy to reach from St. Mark's Square, the Piazzale Roma, or the railroad station by public water bus. The youth hostel is open year-round except for two weeks in late December, and an annex is available when the main building is full. Total capacity is 254 beds. The 2009 rates for bed and breakfast are €21 per day in dormitories and €26 per day in family rooms. Lunch or dinner costs €10. You must have an IYHF or AIG card to stay at the hostel.