Vietnam: Main Facts

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Vietnam Main Facts

Geographical Location of Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the Eastern part of the Indochina peninsula, bordering China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West with a long land border of 4,550 km, and facing the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) and the Pacific to the East and the South.

Land/Sea Boundaries of Vietnam

Vietnam shares borders to the north with the People’s Republic of China and to the west with Laos and Cambodia. The South China Sea lies to the east and south. The land itself is principally agricultural with a central tropical rainforest.

Languages of Vietnam

Vietnamese is the official language. English, French, Chinese and occasionally Russian and German are also spoken.

Currency of Vietnam

The official currency may be Vietnam dong (d), but the US dollar is also widely accepted. In tourist centres, most hotels will accept either, while other businesses may prefer dong.